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Appellate Law

The appellate attorneys at Bauer Gravel Farnham provide representation and advice on a wide variety of appellate matters, whether the goal is to reverse an adverse judgment or to protect a favorable judgment from reversal. We also provide candid and objective advice on the important question of whether to pursue or resist an appeal in the first place.

We can represent you at both the trial and appeal levels. If we represent you at trial, we will be your front-line advocates and use our special skills to ensure that your trial records are properly developed and protected, and that the best factual and legal arguments are available later for any potential appeal.

At the appellate level, we have the expertise to present your strongest legal arguments. We are available to offer advice on appeals even if we were not involved at the trial level. We can provide special expertise and a fresh perspective that complements the different role of trial attorneys. Virtually every aspect of appellate practice differs from trial court practice. Trial attorneys are experts at developing factual records, examining witnesses and persuading juries. Appellate attorneys develop legal arguments to persuade judges, based upon the record made in the trial court. Our appellate attorneys employ analytical and advocacy skills, based upon mastery of substantive law, appellate procedural law and independent analysis of the trial record. We use these unique skills to fashion arguments that maximize your opportunity for success on appeal.
We have experience representing clients in appeals to the State of Vermont Supreme Court and the federal United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Attorneys: Thomas C. Nuovo